Water Main Replacement and Cement Lining Project

Update March, 2nd 2023- This project is substantially complete. It will be fully complete in the Spring time.

COMPLETE: Cleaning and Cement Lining - Carver Road, Brewster Road, Winslow Road, Dudley Road, Priscilla Road, Fells Road, Regis Road, and Fells Circle

SUMMER 2022: Water Main Replacement - Oakland Street Water Main Replacement and Cleaning and Cement Lining - Jackson Road

UP NEXT (FALL 2022): Cleaning and Cement Lining - Seaward Road

The Town of Wellesley has contracted with N. Granese and Sons to clean and cement line the water mains on Carver Road, Brewster Road, Winslow Road, Dudley Road, Priscilla Road, Fells Circle, Fells Road, Regis Road, Jackson Road, and Seaward Road. The project will also consist of replacing the water main on Oakland Street from Brookside Road to Hunnewell Street. 

Cleaning and Lining is a trenchless rehabilitation method.    Trenchless methods involve only opening holes in the road at the ends of the pipe segment, instead of cutting the road open along the entire length of the water main.  This will be less disruptive to traffic flow through the work area. Cleaning and lining is ideal when the goal is to remove built up minerals on the pipe and the structural integrity of the pipe is not an issue. 

The water main on Oakland Street will be replaced due to age and a history of leaks. This work will require trenching the entire length of the main, however, we will do our best to allow traffic to flow through and will maintain access for residents in this area. 

During construction, the existing water mains in the work area will be shut down.  The contractor will set up a temporary “by-pass” system that consists of above-ground piping along the sides of the street. For the duration of the project, homes will be fed off of the by-pass system.  Users will not be charged for water use while connected to the by-pass system.  

This work will bring the water main back to its original capacity increasing flow and improve water quality. It is our intent to minimize the disruption of your normal routines as best we can.  However, such disruptions or impacts can never be totally eliminated.  We will attempt to minimize any inconvenience.  If you have any questions, at any time during the duration of the project, feel free to call the Department of Public Works, Water & Sewer Division at 781-235-7600 ext. 3355. 

Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation.

Water main rehabilitation