Step Up! Campaign

Step Up! is a campaign focused on increasing recycling in Wellesley. Everyone can "Step Up!" their recycling efforts. If you are not recycling, you can start with cardboard. From there add on scrap metals, batteries, and paint. Take another step up and start composting at home, or become involved with community education and outreach programs.

Congratulations, in calendar year 2017, we achieved 791 pounds per household which surpassed our goal of 721! Thank you for doing your part and making us successful.

Our goal for 2018 is 813 pounds per household. If you’re looking for what to recycle next, take a look at the RDF Recycling Guide for a list of the products taken at the RDF.

If you’re looking for the next step or if you have comments or suggestions for the Step Up! program, please email us at or call the RDF at (781) 235-7600, x3345.

Keep your eyes open for recycling information - and please, take a "Step Up!"

Recycling Step Up Thermometer