About the RDF

The RDF utilizes the “3 Rs” solid waste management strategy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and processes all materials in an environmentally, operationally and financially sound manner.

The RDF encourages you to reduce and reuse by donating and shopping the Reusables Area and the Book Exchange. You can also donate your old Health Care Equipment, Clothing/Textiles, Cell Phones and Eye Glasses.

The facility practices a source-separated model for recycling which results in higher quality recyclable materials and also generates more revenue for the Town (over $285,000 in FY 2017).

In addition to household recyclables, the RDF has designated areas for bulky waste, clean wood, special waste, computers, televisions, metals, appliances (fees apply), leaves, grass and brush. The RDF holds a Hazardous Waste Day, two paper shredding events and seven paint collection events each year.

Compost and salted sand are available seasonally at no charge, and recycling bins and leaf bags are available for purchase in the Customer Service Office.