Food Waste Challenge

The Department of Public Works is challenging Wellesley residents to StepUp! and participate in the Food Waste Challenge.  We are trying to sign up an additional 150 households to join the 600 households in Wellesley and help reduce landfill waste, save tax dollars and generate renewable locally-generated power. 

To get started, please fill out the following form to reserve a free starter kit which can be picked up at the RDF on a first come first serve basis. Starter kits include: compostable bag liners, a countertop container and a larger bucket with screw on lid for transporting your food waste to the RDF. 

For a list of accepted waste, where to buy program supplies and frequently asked questions, click here for the program flyer.  Once at the RDF, drop your food waste off in the designated containers near the trash compactors.  From here, your food waste will be converted into electricity, heat, liquid fertilizer, bio char/animal bedding or as ingredients to produce high grade compost.  

With trash disposal costs predicted to increase as much as 40% in the next 2-5 years as landfill capacity diminishes, disposing of a valuable product that compromises as much as 20% of household generated waste is counterproductive to prudent fiscal and sustainable practices.

Follow us on Twitter @wellesleydpw for updates, tips, facts and to share your suggestions on reducing food waste with the community. For more information about Wellesley's Food Waste Drop Off program, please call the RDF at 781-235-7600 x3345.

Thank you for recycling and participating in our program! #wellesleyrecycles