Softball Fields Project Updates

Project Update: December 2019

Work continues on Lee Field, progressing slightly slower than expected due to rain and snow.
The construction of new dugouts will take place throughout the winter, beginning with foundation Foundation.dugoutwork, followed by framing, roofing, brickwork, and electrical work. Concrete was poured in late December for the foundation footings for both Dugout #1 and Dugout #2. 

Project Update: January 2020Lee Field_dugout tent

Both dugout foundations have been installed. A tent-like structure has been built around the dugouts to provide heat for the foundation and masonry worLee Field_tent interiork in the coming weeks.

Dugout construction is expected to be completed by the end of February 2020. 

Project Update: March 2020

Construction on one dugout is complete and work on the second dugout is slightly ahead of schedule. A stone dust walkway behind the first base dugout is also complete. The field drainage and the scoreboard have been installed, the field has been graded and sod has been laid. 

In the coming weeks, the contractor will be installing the remaining fence posts and the mow curb. Once the fencing is complete, the third base bullpen will be installed and the outfield track will be touched up. 

Lee Field_Dugout 1IMG_0932Lee Field_scoreboard

Project Update: April 2020

Lee Field_infieldFinal work to complete the softball fields is continiuing, following guidance provided by the State.  The dugouts, bullpens, and bleachers will be finished soon and the brick area behind the dugout is complete. The turf grass in the outfield is turning green, and the irrigation system will be turned on and tested. Minor grading to the infield, backstop area and entrance to the field is scheduled for the coming weeks.  

Project Update: July 2020

Work on Phase II of the the Hunnewell Field Softball Renovation Project began in early July. Phase II is the renovation of Warren Field, the multi-purpose facility between Lee Field and Reidy Field.  The project includes regrading the field, installing new drainage and irrigation, upgrading the pathway, and building two new dugouts. 

Sod was installed in the outfield in late July and the existing irrigation system will be turned on several times a day to establish the grass. In the coming weeks, much of the work will focus on the dugouts, infield skin, backstop, and bleacher areas.

These improvements are scheduled to be completed in August 2020.