Historic Preservation Design Guidelines

The Historic Preservation Design Guidelines provide guidance as to issues relating to renovations, additions, or new construction to older residences whether in a historic district or elsewhere in Wellesley. The Design Guidelines will serve as a design reference for property owners and residents. The review authority of the Historic District Commission does not change as a result of this document.

Please find the various sections Historic Preservation Design Guidelines in the links below:

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Wellesley's Historic Districts
Chapter 3 - Design Principles for Historic Preservation
Chapter 4 - The Application Review Process
Chapter 5 - Historic Building Materials & Treatments
Chapter 6 - Treatment of Historic Building Features
Chapter 7 - Additions, New Construction & Site Features
Appendix A - Historic Districts Bylaw
Appendix B - Architectural Terms
Appendix C - Design Resources

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A duly noticed and scheduled public hearing was opened on December 1, 2020 where the consultant gave a presentation about the document. The public hearing was continued to the Historic District Commission meeting on January 5, 2021. On January 5, 2021, the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines were approved as a resource and reference document for the Historic District Commission and for property owners and residents in Wellesley.

The Planning Department and the Historic District Commission engaged a consultant, Heritage Strategies, to develop the Historic Preservation Design Guidelines.