Underground Storage Tank Removal

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1.) Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the removal of an above ground or underground storage tank (UST) Shall apply for a permit at: www.wellesleyma.gov (Permits and Licensing).

Such person, firm or corporation should be familiar with the following laws and regulations; 

a.) Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148, Sec. 38A 

b.) 310 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 30.00 

c.) 502 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 3.00 

d.) 527 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 9.00

2.) The Following information will be needed to complete this application:

a.) Dig Safe Number for location for removal (underground tanks only) 

b.) A copy of the applicable Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP Hazardous Waste Manifest or a copy of the applicable Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP Low Rate Hazardous Waste Generator Form. 

c.) Name of, address and number of the Approved Tank yard where the tank is going to be transported to for disposal. Above ground tanks may be disposed of at a salvage or scrap yard.)

d.) Tank capacity and name of the product stored in the tank.

3.) Regulations require that product and tank be disposed of at the owner’s expense as directed in all applicable regulations and statutes. All product and tank residue is a hazardous waste and shall be removed from the tank prior to removal and disposed of only be a licensed hazardous waste or waste oil transporter. 

4.) The Wellesley Fire Department shall be notified at least (2) hours prior to the actual removal of the tank from the excavation. No underground tank shall be removed unless a representative of the Wellesley Fire Department is on site. In the case of above ground tanks, the fire department shall be contacted when the work is complete to verify that the tank and all associated piping has been removed.  

5.) Tanks removed shall not be cut up on site prior to transport to the Approved Tank Yard for disposal. All UST’s removed from the ground must be transported from the Town on the same day that they are removed. 

6.) A receipt of disposal signed by the representative of the Approved Tank or salvage yard (Form FP 291) shall be forwarded to the Wellesley Fire Department within seventy-two (72) hours of the tanks removal. 

7.) The person, firm or corporation to whom the permit is issued is responsible for the removal and disposal of all product, tank residue, and tank in strict accordance with all applicable statues, laws and regulations. You are responsible for any and all violations. Additional requirements may be added based on conditions which may arise at the removal site.