Permits and Fees


Permit and Inspection Fees

Blasting (148:10A) Detail Required                                   $ 50.00

Bon/Camp Fires                                                                   $ 35.00

Cutting & Welding                                                               $ 35.00

Fire Alarm System                                                               $ 35.00

Fire Suppression/Ansel                                                      $ 35.00    

Fireworks (148:10A)                                                           $ 35.00

Flammable Storage (propane)                                         $ 35.00

Fuel Storage Tank Trucks (148:10A)                                $ 50.00

Gasoline Tank Removal (per tank)                                  $ 200.00

Outdoor Fireplaces/Chiminea                                          $ 35.00

Gunpowder (148:10A)                                                       $ 35.00

Oil Burner (148:10A)                                                          $ 35.00

Oil Tank Removal (above ground - per tank)                $ 35.00

Oil Tank Installation  (above ground – per tank)         $ 35.00

Oil Tank Removal (under ground - per tank)               $ 50.00

Oil Tank Installation (under ground - per tank)           $ 50.00         

Smoke Detector Inspection (148:26F)                           $ 50.00

Sprinkler Alterations                                                        $ 35.00

Tar Kettle (148:10A)                                                         $ 35.00

Fire Details 

A person or company performing burning, welding, or cutting operations shall apply for a permit online at: (Permits and Licensing).  The applicant shall provide written authorization signed by the property owner describing the scope of work as well as the NFPA card of the person performing the hot work.  These two documents can be uploaded while applying for the permit.

The Fire Department requires a paid fire detail for all hot work performed indoors and/or on the exterior structure of all occupied buildings and for cutting/burning operations under demolition.

A fire detail may not be required for hotwork performed in unoccupied buildings under construction; however, a fire watch is required to be provided by the welding contractor.  This will be determined at time of permitting.

Fire Details must be arranged 24 hours in advance.


1.) Any person, firm or corporation engaged in the removal of an above ground or underground storage tank (UST) Shall apply for a permit at: (Permits and Licensing).

Such person, firm or corporation should be familiar with the following laws and regulations; 

a.) Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148, Sec. 38A 

b.) 310 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 30.00 

c.) 502 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 3.00 

d.) 527 Commonwealth of Massachusetts Regulation 9.00

2.) The Following information will be needed to complete this application:

a.) Dig Safe Number for location for removal (underground tanks only) 

b.) A copy of the applicable Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP Hazardous Waste Manifest or a copy of the applicable Commonwealth of Massachusetts DEP Low Rate Hazardous Waste Generator Form. 

c.) Name of, address and number of the Approved Tank yard where the tank is going to be transported to for disposal. Above ground tanks may be disposed of at a salvage or scrap yard.)

d.) Tank capacity and name of the product stored in the tank.

3.) Regulations require that product and tank be disposed of at the owner’s expense as directed in all applicable regulations and statutes. All product and tank residue is a hazardous waste and shall be removed from the tank prior to removal and disposed of only be a licensed hazardous waste or waste oil transporter. 

4.) The Wellesley Fire Department shall be notified at least (2) hours prior to the actual removal of the tank from the excavation. No underground tank shall be removed unless a representative of the Wellesley Fire Department is on site. In the case of above ground tanks, the fire department shall be contacted when the work is complete to verify that the tank and all associated piping has been removed.  

5.) Tanks removed shall not be cut up on site prior to transport to the Approved Tank Yard for disposal. All UST’s removed from the ground must be transported from the Town on the same day that they are removed. 

6.) A receipt of disposal signed by the representative of the Approved Tank or salvage yard (Form FP 291) shall be forwarded to the Wellesley Fire Department within seventy-two (72) hours of the tanks removal. 

7.) The person, firm or corporation to whom the permit is issued is responsible for the removal and disposal of all product, tank residue, and tank in strict accordance with all applicable statues, laws and regulations. You are responsible for any and all violations. Additional requirements may be added based on conditions which may arise at the removal site.

LP Gas Install/Connect

Application for a permit to Connect or Install Liquid Propane Gas Storage equipment shall be made in the name of the owner or occupant of the premises by the person, firm or corporation who will make the installation or connection to permanent fixtures. The Wellesley Fire Department may limit the quantity of LP-Gas that may be stored under a permit, such as during special events, where unusual conditions exist. Additional requirements may be included that are within the intent and purpose of 527 CMR 69 



1. Applicant applies for the permit at: (Permits and Licensing). During the application process drawings showing the location of the tank, proximity to property lines, structures, doors, windows and other sources of ignition must be uploaded. 

2. Permit Fee - $35.00 can be paid online during the application process.

3. Inspection by The Wellesley Fire Department within 7-10 days. 

4. Propane Storage Permit may be required. Tank should not be filled until permits are granted and inspected by the Fire Department. 

Permit is valid for 1 year for non-residential. Restrictions may apply

Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Permit

The Wellesley Fire Prevention Office requires that the following guideline be adhered to when submitting for a Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Permit. 

Plans are required for any new or alterations to a fire suppression system or fire alarm system. Plans may also be required when an occupancy user group changes. 


When applying for a Fire Suppression/Sprinkler Permit please go to: (Permits and Licensing) and choose FP-06 (Sprinkler).  After completing all required fields make certain to upload all pertinent narratives, cut sheets, drawings, and hydraulic calculation (if applicable).

Fireworks Display Permit

It is illegal for private citizens to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts, or to purchase fireworks legally elsewhere and then transport them into the Commonwealth. The law prohibits any article designed to produce a visible or audible effect. All firework displays must have a permit issued by the local fire department and must be supervised by the fire department. Permit applications must be submitted 20 days prior to the show and the fire department must inform the Office of the State Fire Marshal within 5 days if they approve or disapprove of the application. The permitting process gives the fire department the opportunity to review that the regulations are being met, the shooters are licensed, all other required permits have been issued, the audience will be a safe distance from the shells and debris, an electronic firing board is used, the fireworks will be secured from the moment they arrive on scene, and a first light search will be conducted for unexploded shells, among other safety issues. Procedure: 

1. Applicant applies online at (Permits and  Licesning) then chooses FP-06 (Fireworks).

2. Application to be submitted at least 20 days in advance of display 

The Application for permit shall include:

  • Name, address and phone number of sponsor
  • Date and time of display (and rain date) 
  • Exact address of display
  • Site diagram (Google/Bing maps, GIS maps are acceptable. Hand drawn diagrams are unacceptable)
  • Shooter information (name, address, phone number and Certificate of Competency Number) 
  • Fireworks User's Certificate Number
  • Number, size and description of shells
  • Storage of shells pre-display
  • Number and Certificate of Competency Number


The handling and firing of explosives shall be performed only by those persons possessing a certificate of competency issued by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. All permitting and licensing provisions of 527 CMR 1.13.10 applies to the use, handling, transportation and storage of explosive materials. Permit expires in 30 days, fire detail is mandated, and certain restrictions apply.

To apply for a blasting permit please go to: (Permits and Licensing) and choose FP-06 (blasting). You will be required to upload or perform the following:


1. Blaster submits certificate of competency for blasting. 

2. Blaster submits explosives user's certificate. 

3. Blaster submits copy of bond from State Treasurer - $20,000. 

4. Blaster submits copies of photo I.D. of blasters. 

5. Blaster submits Pre-blast survey address list. 

6. Blaster submits Dig Safe Number. 

7. $50 fee (can be paid online during application process. 

8. Blaster must give minimum 24 hour notice prior to the start of blast.

Permits for Chimineas, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces are allowed under these conditions.

  1. 1 and 2 family home.
  2. Permits must be applied for at: (Permits and Licensing) and then FP-06 (miscellaneous). 
  3. Permit fee of $35 must be paid for online during application process.
  4. Site plan must be uploaded showing location of proposed fire pit and all proximities.
  5. 20 Feet from any building, combustible structure, residence, canopy, roof, property line, overhang or trees.
  6. 3 feet clearance from combustibles around device.
  7. The use of dry seasoned firewood only.
  8. Constantly attended by an adult while in use.
  9. Must follow Manufacturer's safety guidelines and instructions for the device.
  10. Devices should be sited on a flat, level surface that is non combustible

*The above are guidelines, final determination will be made by the Fire Inspector

New Construction

Permits for fire protection work required by Chapters 4, 9 and 34 of the International Building Code and Chapter 3 of the International Residential Code will be issued through the building department only.  

However, plans must still be submitted to the Fire Department for all work prior to the start of all work. 

You must contact us for all normally required inspections and a signature from the Fire Department will be required for final occupancy.

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Permits are required for the impairment and/or shutdown of any fire protection or carbon monoxide equipment and for fire protection systems required


Please contact the Fire Prevention Office if you have any questions or concerns.