Welding/Hot Work/Fire Detail

Welding Hot Work / Fire Details 

A person or company performing burning, welding, or cutting operations shall apply for a permit online at: www.wellesleyma.gov (Permits and Licensing).  The applicant shall provide written authorization signed by the property owner describing the scope of work as well as the NFPA card of the person performing the hot work.  These two documents can be uploaded while applying for the permit.

The Fire Department requires a paid fire detail for all hot work performed indoors and/or on the exterior structure of all occupied buildings and for cutting/burning operations under demolition.

A fire detail may not be required for hotwork performed in unoccupied buildings under construction; however, a fire watch is required to be provided by the welding contractor.  This will be determined at time of permitting.

Fire Details must be arranged 24 hours in advance.