It is illegal for private citizens to use, possess, or sell fireworks in Massachusetts, or to purchase fireworks legally elsewhere and then transport them into the Commonwealth. The law prohibits any article designed to produce a visible or audible effect. All firework displays must have a permit issued by the local fire department and must be supervised by the fire department. Permit applications must be submitted 20 days prior to the show and the fire department must inform the Office of the State Fire Marshal within 5 days if they approve or disapprove of the application. The permitting process gives the fire department the opportunity to review that the regulations are being met, the shooters are licensed, all other required permits have been issued, the audience will be a safe distance from the shells and debris, an electronic firing board is used, the fireworks will be secured from the moment they arrive on scene, and a first light search will be conducted for unexploded shells, among other safety issues. Procedure: 

1. Applicant applies online at (Permits and  Licesning) then chooses FP-06 (Fireworks).

2. Application to be submitted at least 20 days in advance of display 

The Application for permit shall include:

  • Name, address and phone number of sponsor
  • Date and time of display (and rain date) 
  • Exact address of display
  • Site diagram (Google/Bing maps, GIS maps are acceptable. Hand drawn diagrams are unacceptable)
  • Shooter information (name, address, phone number and Certificate of Competency Number) 
  • Fireworks User's Certificate Number
  • Number, size and description of shells
  • Storage of shells pre-display
  • Number and Certificate of Competency Number