The handling and firing of explosives shall be performed only by those persons possessing a certificate of competency issued by the Office of the State Fire Marshal. All permitting and licensing provisions of 527 CMR 1.13.10 applies to the use, handling, transportation and storage of explosive materials. Permit expires in 30 days, fire detail is mandated, and certain restrictions apply.

To apply for a blasting permit please go to: (Permits and Licensing) and choose FP-06 (blasting). You will be required to upload or perform the following:


1. Blaster submits certificate of competency for blasting. 

2. Blaster submits explosives user's certificate. 

3. Blaster submits copy of bond from State Treasurer - $20,000. 

4. Blaster submits copies of photo I.D. of blasters. 

5. Blaster submits Pre-blast survey address list. 

6. Blaster submits Dig Safe Number. 

7. $50 fee (can be paid online during application process. 

8. Blaster must give minimum 24 hour notice prior to the start of blast.