WECARE Program


The Town of Wellesley continues to be a leader in reducing the carbon footprint of our community. Initiatives such as the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (WMLP) voluntary renewable energy program make it easy and affordable to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, increase energy stability, and preserve the planet. The WMLP is introducing the new Wellesley Electric Customers Accelerated Reduction of Emissions (“WECARE”) program to help in these efforts.

In 2020, Wellesley Town Meeting members adopted a resolution addressing the serious impact of climate change and pledged to support efforts by the WMLP to expand customer participation in the renewable energy program by changing the current opt-in enrollment to an opt-out program. Fees collected from the WECARE program will fund local renewable energy projects chosen by the WMLP for their impact on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) reduction  in our community.

The WECARE program will add 4% to monthly electric bills for all residential and commercial accounts. For the average customer using 750 kWh, this will add $4.60 to the monthly cost. Even with this increase, WMLP customers will enjoy having their electric bills 46% lower than neighboring Massachusetts customers served by an investor-owned utility. This additional money will be used by the WMLP to purchase renewable electricity, and may also fund local projects such as:

  • Community solar generation facilities;
  • Power storage for peak electric use times;
  • Infrastructure such as public charging stations for electric vehicles, and other similar programs.

If you desire to do more for this cause to reduce GHG in our community, this program offers an option for customers to purchase all of their energy from renewable sources. Under this option, customers may elect to purchase 100% of their energy from renewable sources at a rate of $0.044 per Kilowatt-Hour (kWh).  Many customers are already doing this under our voluntary renewable energy program, which will become part of the WECARE program. Enroll in WECARE 100%

Beginning on July 1, 2021 all WMLP customers will be automatically enrolled in WECARE unless they choose not to participate by “opting out” of this program. No action is required by residents who support the Town’s decision to accelerate GHG reduction. Residents who do not wish to participate can opt-out using one of two methods:

Email the WMLP at wecare@wellesleyma.gov
Call WMLP customer service at 781-235-7600

In addition to benefitting the environment, the program will also boost New England’s economy by using local sources of renewable power.