Bring Your Own Charger FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I use a level 1 charger. Can I enroll in BYOC?

Yes! EV drivers in Wellesley can join regardless of the charging level of their home charger.

  • Why do you need my WMLP account number?

We use the WMLP account number to verify that you are a resident of Wellesley, MA and are eligible to enroll in the BYOC program. Your $8 monthly credit will be applied to this account.

  • How do I program my vehicle?

Every EV model is a little different but this can usually be done in the vehicle’s “Charger” settings on the dashboard or touchscreen. Please see these instructions on how to schedule charging for popular makes and models of electric vehicles. If you need additional help, feel free to contact Sagewell at or by calling 781-303-4994.

  • What if I need to charge on-peak in an emergency?

You may charge during the daytime (weekdays, 12 PM to 10 PM) up to 3 times each month, in case of emergency.

  • Why do you need my vehicle's VIN? Isn't that private information?

VINs do not contain any personal information about the driver of the vehicle, only general information about the car itself. Every VIN is publicly available and there are a number of online VIN lookup services. We only use your vehicle's VIN to verify that it is a plug-in vehicle that is eligible for the program.

  • Where can I find my vehicle's VIN?

The easiest place to find your VIN is on your registration or title. It is also printed on all vehicles, often where the dashboard and front windscreen meet or on the inside driver door panel.

  • Why do you only want the serial number of ChargePoint and eMotorWerks chargers?

We have relationships with those manufacturers and they will give us access to your charging data with your permission. We use the charging data to verify charging behavior. Every brand of EV charger is compatible with Bring Your Own Charger!

  • How is the number of free miles calculated?

We used the monthly rebate amount of $8 per month, WMLP’s residential electric rate and the average kWh used per mile of driving according to the EPA. Your actual mileage may vary based on your driving style and total electric use.