Reducing Energy Use

The Climate Action Committee (CAC) is dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to reduce energy use in the Town of Wellesley. These efforts help our community save money, protect our environment, and promote stability in our electric grid.

The CAC has developed initiatives aimed to encourage residents to practice energy efficiency in homes, businesses and daily life. These include simple tips for reducing individual electricity use and programs that will help overall Town utilities improve efficiency.

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

  • Purchase energy-efficient products and operate them efficiently (use an advanced power strip to reduce "vampire loads" - electricity that is wasted when electronics are not in use)
  • Use LED lighting and incorporate more daylight into homes by using energy-efficient windows and skylights
  • Incorporate solar design concepts into homes
  • Properly insulate and seal homes
  • Use energy efficient water heaters, especially those powered by renewable energy

Reduce Peak Power Demands

Help Wellesley reduce peak power demands on very hot or very cold days by participating in programs, such as Shave the Peak that remind customers to use electricity during off-peak hours.

Sign up for alerts that let residents know the days and hours during which projected electricity demand is at its highest, and get tips on how to reduce use during these instances.