Climate Action

Climate Action Plan CoverThe Wellesley Climate Action Plan was developed in 2022 as a roadmap for town-wide efforts to address climate change. The plan builds on more than a decade of sustainability initiatives and outlines specific actions Wellesley must take to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to meet the goals adopted by Town Meeting and to build resilience to climate change impacts. 

Read the Climate Action Plan summary.

The Plan is organized along six pathways: Governance, Energy, Buildings, Mobility, Natural Resources, and Waste. Be part of the action!

Pathway Descriptions

Read Appendix 1 for more information on Scenario B modeling.

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Climate Action Ideas

Climate Action Office

The Climate Action Office supports the Climate Action Committee (CAC) in its mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Wellesley, working across departments to engage our community in key projects and initiatives including:

  • Wellesley Climate Action Plan
  • Wellesley Sustainable Mobility Plan and Mobility Working Group
  • Programs to reduce energy use
  • Sustainable Building Practices
  • Waste Wise Wellesley

The office also researches sustainability best practices, sharing information on actions residents can take to improve sustainability at home, and coordinates the Green Collaborative, a network of grass roots organizations dedicated to climate change education and advocacy.