Energy PathwayThe Energy pathway for Wellesley's Climate Action Plan is focused exclusively on electricity generation (how we source our energy) and demand (how we use it). In our community, electricity provided by the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (WMLP) and used in Wellesley is responsible for 13% of all GHG emissions.

The transition to carbon-free electricity is critical, as many actions to reduce GHG emissions, such as increasing electrification of our buildings and vehicles, will increase the total amount of electricity consumed. By having a municipal utility, Wellesley is better positioned than other towns to transition to clean electricity. While there are some limitations on which renewable sources are available to WMLP, simply having local control of the decisions to move to clean, carbon-free sources is a benefit. Wellesley will also benefit from maximizing installed solar and energy storage capacity across all sectors.

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