Green Communities

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources designated Wellesley a Green Community in December 2017.  To qualify as a Green Community, Wellesley developed a five-year Energy Reduction Plan and a Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy, and amended the zoning bylaws to include a solar overlay district.  In 2011, Wellesley adopted the Stretch Energy Code.  

Green Communities Logo

Green Communities Grant Projects

As a Green Community, the Town of Wellesley is eligible to apply for grants to fund municipal energy conservation projects.  The Town used its Green Communities Designation Grant of $137,250, to fund the six projects described below:  

DPW Lights-Close Up of East Side

  • A light-emitting diode (LED) retrofit project on the Department of Public Works Campus (Above - photo of LED lights on East side of DPW Garage);
  • An energy audit of the Town’s water and sewer pump stations and water treatment plants.
  • An exterior LED retrofit project on the campus of the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant;

Town Hall Annex Aerial Overview

  • A sustainability analysis for a Town Hall Annex Feasibility Study. The Feasibility Study generated plans for a zero net energy, high performance office building to house several Town departments (Above - Rendition showing aerial view of Town Hall Annex design);

WTP LED Retrofit

  • An interior LED retrofit at the Town’s water treatment plants (Above - photo of old light (left) and new LED light (right)); and

EV Charging Station Waban Street

  • The installation of Wellesley’s first Town-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging at the Waban Street Parking Lot (Above - photo of new charging station).

Wellesley’s Green Communities Designation Grant Application

You can read about elements of Wellesley’s Green Communities Designation Grant application, below.

Energy Reduction Plan - outlines a plan to reduce municipal energy use 20% below 2015 levels by the year 2020. 

Fuel Efficient Vehicle Policy - requires that the municipality replace non-exempt vehicles with energy efficient models where such models are available and practicable.

Solar Bylaw - Annual Town Meeting amended the zoning bylaws to include a solar overlay district at the cloverleaf intersection of Routes 9 and 128. 

Stretch Energy Code - Annual Town Meeting adopted the MA Stretch Energy Code in 2011