Commercial Projects

The following regulations are only applicable to commercial, office, or multi-family residential projects (i.e. projects other than one- or two-family residential).

Project Approval

Minor Construction Projects, Major Construction Projects, and Projects of Significant Impact are defined in Wellesley’s Zoning Bylaw, Section 16A – Project Approval.

All Minor Construction Projects are subject to review by the Design Review Board.

In addition to Design Review, all Major Construction Projects are subject to Site Plan Review by the Zoning Board of Appeals.

As a prerequisite step to submission as a Major Construction Project, Projects of Significant Impact (PSI) require a Special Permit issued by the Planning Board. PSI Special Permit applications require submission of a Municipal Systems Impact Analysis (MSIA), prepared by a registered Professional Engineer, which shall analyze the project’s impact on utilities, traffic, pedestrian & bicycle safety, building occupant life safety, and refuse disposal & recycling.

Off-Street Parking

Section 21 of the Town's Zoning Bylaw  exists to ensure that structures and land have sufficient off-street automobile parking for persons employed at or using those areas. This bylaw is usually only triggered by alteration of existing parking areas or creation of new parking areas through one of the Project Approval workflows detailed above. Requirements vary by use and/or zoning district, and applicants should review the text of the Section 21  for specifics.

Fire Department Permits

All Commercial projects require approval from the Fire Department to ensure compliance with current Fire Protection System codes. Two copies of the construction plan must be approved and stamped by the Fire Department before submission to the Building Department for a construction permit. Submission requirements are detailed on the Fire Department's website.

Health Department Permits

Pursuant to MA General Laws, Chapter 111, the Wellesley Health Department has established rules and regulations for a variety of commercial activities. Please visit the Health Department's Permits & Regulations page for specifics.