Green Collaborative

The Wellesley Green Collaborative is a quarterly gathering of environmentally minded community members and organizations. The goal of the Green Collaborative is simple: bring together people who work toward making our town more sustainable. Meetings provide opportunities to learn from expert speakers, share initiatives, brainstorm, and when possible, combine efforts. Collaborative participants include residents, neighborhood associations, houses of worship, environmental groups, community organizations, and representatives from town boards and departments. Each group has its own focus, but all are committed to taking climate action, including protecting and improving Wellesley’s environment. 

The Collaborative builds on Wellesley’s considerable assets, such as our Climate Action Committee (CAC), which works to lower our town’s carbon footprint; our innovative Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) which has led the way in recycling for over 35 years; our Natural Resources Commission (NRC), stewards of our town’s lands which provide recreation, valuable wildlife habitat and much of our town’s water; and of course, our involved residents. Join us, individually or with your group. Contact us at

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Green Collaborative

November 16, 2022

Great Hall, Town Hall

(Zoom participation also available) 

Wellesley Climate Action is Heating Up!

What's in it for YOU?

 Reconnect at our first in-person meeting since January 2020!
The Town hit the ground running with its Climate Action Plan (2022). Learn about our newest programs and how YOU can be part of the action to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and build a healthier and more resilient community.  
More details coming soon!