Category Descriptions for Notice of Intent Projects

Category 1 

Fee for each activity is $110
a.) Work on single family lot; addition, pool, etc.;
b.) Site work without a house;
c.) Control vegetation;
d.) Resource improvement;
e.) Work on septic system separate from house;
f.) Monitoring well activities minus roadway;
g.) New agricultural or aquaculture projects.

Category 2 

Fee for each activity is $500
a.) Construction of single family house;
b.) Parking lot;
c.) Beach nourishment;
d.) Electric generating facility activities;
e.) Inland limited projects minus road crossings and agriculture;
f.) Each crossing for driveway to single family house;
g.) Each project source (storm drain) discharge;
h.) Control vegetation in development;
i.) Water level variations;
j.) Any other activity not in Category 1, 3, 4, 5 or 6;
k.) Water supply exploration.

Category 3 

Fee for each activity is $1,050
a.) Site preparation (for development) beyond Notice of Intent scope;
b.) Each building (for development) including site;
c.) Road construction not crossing or driveway;
d.) Hazardous cleanup;
e.) Water supply development.

Category 4 

Fee for each activity is $1,450
a.) Each crossing for development or commercial road;
b.) Dam, sluiceway, tidegate (safety) work;
c.) Landfills operation/closures;
d.) Sand and gravel operations;
e.) Railroad line construction;
f.) Bridge;
g.) Hazardous waste alterations to resource areas;
h.) Dredging;
i.) Package treatment plant and discharge;
j.) Airport tree clearing;
k.) Oil and/or hazardous material release response actions.

Category 5 

Fee is $4 per linear foot; total fee not less than $100 or more than $2,000
Work on docks, piers, revetments, dikes, etc. (coastal or inland).

Category 6

Fee is $2 per linear foot for each resource area 
For each resource area delineation, the fee shall not exceed $200 for activities associated with a single family house or $2,000 for all other activities).