Join the Wellesley Police

The Wellesley Police Department is looking to hire qualified men and women for the position of police officer. The next Police Officer Entrance Exam is: 

June 2024

The Wellesley Police Department expects to hire three to four officers from this exam.  Interviews will be held in July and August of 2024.  Those hired will most likely attend a fall or winter police academy in 2024.


The police officer recruitment process begins with a written test given by the Wellesley Police Department. The test is given every two years.

The next test that is scheduled to be given will be on  June of 2024.

The entrance test is a requirement for all new members of the department. For current police officers, who may be considering a transfer to the Wellesley Police Department, please email Lieutenant Marie Cleary for further information.  This also includes candidates who have graduated from a full time Massachusetts Municipal Police Academy or who are Massachusetts POST certified.  

The Wellesley Police Department was a civil service department until July 1, 2010. Officers hired prior to that date remain in civil service. All new officers and transfers after July 1, 2010 will be non civil service.

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Selection/Testing Process

As positions become available, the Wellesley Police Department will notify applicants if they have scored high enough to be considered for employment. The Wellesley Police Department then begins a lengthy and deep background investigation to determine if a candidate is suitable. This includes drug testing.

Upon completion of the background exam, an applicant will complete an oral board interview with several members of the Wellesley Police Department’s command staff. Applicants will then be interviewed by the Wellesley Board of Selectmen. Applicants who make it through this process will then be given conditional offers of employment. A medical fitness exam and a physical ability test (PAT) will be administered by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. An applicant only has two opportunities to pass the PAT before being disqualified from the process.

Upon completion of the PAT, an applicant will be enrolled by the Wellesley Police Department in a 6 monthStudent Officers prepare for an inspection at the Police Academy. Criminal Justice Training Council police academy. There are regular tests, both written and practical, as well as extensive physical training during the academy. All phases of the academy must be passed or the student officer is removed and terminated from service.

Field Training Program

After academy graduation, a new officer will be assigned to the Field Training Program at Wellesley Police. This minimum three-month program puts a new officer with an experienced officer known as a Field Training Officer (FTO). The FTO completes daily reports on the progress of the An FTO keeps a close eye on a new officer directing traffic.new officer. The new officer is constantly tested during this phase.

Upon completion of the FTO Program, a new officer will be assigned to patrol. All new Wellesley Police Officers complete a one year probation period, in which the officer’s employment can be terminated at the discretion of the appointing authority. Wellesley Police Officers are also required to have a minimum of an associate degree within five years of being hired.


Wellesley Police Officers have a progressive contract that includes an educational incentive, night pay differential, eight paid holidays, vacation and personal days, bonus days for good attendance, health and dental plans, and college tuition reimbursement. All officers receive an annual clothing allowance, are afforded extensive training opportunities, and have the ability to work their own investigative cases.

The department has a very well equipped gym, with both free weights and exercise machines that is equal or better than any commercial gym. Officers work a standard five day on, three day off rotating work schedule. There are additional ‘split’ schedules available, which have a four day on, four day off work schedule.

Wellesley Police Officers work in a positive environment, with the support of the community. The work, while challenging and demanding at times, is often rewarding, and offers a great opportunity at a career in law enforcement.