About WPD

The Wellesley Police Department is primarily responsible for all law enforcement activities within the Town of Wellesley, Massachusetts. The department has 62 full time employees, which include:

  • 1 Animal Control Officer
  • 1 Records Clerk
  • 2 Custodians
  • 2 Secretaries
  • 3 Lieutenants
  • 6 Sergeants
  • 35 Police Officers
  • 11 Public Safety Dispatchers
  • Chief of Police
  • Deputy Chief of Police

Three of the 35 current Police Officer positions are currently vacant and unfunded.

The Wellesley Police Department maintains coverage 24 hours a day and houses the Town of Wellesley Emergency Communication Center, which also dispatches the Wellesley Fire Department.

Average Annual Numbers

The Wellesley Department responds to approximately 28,000 calls for service annually. On the average, 1,600 are alarms, and 1,500 are medical responses. The department responded to and investigates over 1,000 motor vehicle accidents, and conducts over 2,000 selective traffic enforcement posts. From these, and daily traffic enforcement, the department writes approximately 8,000 motor vehicle citations.

On the average, the department charges over 400 people with criminal offenses, approximately half of those were arrests, and half were summonses.