Trail History

Development of the Charles River Link was a partnership between the Wellesley Trails Committee, the Bay Circuit Alliance, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and the towns the trail traverses.  The trail was first proposed in 2002 by the Wellesley Trails Committee to the Bay Circuit Alliance as a linkage to surrounding communities.  Trail access was evaluated, on-road walking was minimized, and connection of conservation lands was maximized.  The Natick Trails Committee and the Dover Open Space Committee joined in helping to develop a workable route.  Completion of the Charles River Link required clearing new trails through Peters Reservation, Mumford Wildlife Forest, and Medfield State Forest.  A total of 1.5 miles of new trails were developed under Appalachian Mountain Club trail projects that resulted in the final trail being 68% off-road.  The trail was dedicated on National Trails Day, June 6, 2009, followed by a 16-mile trek with 31 hikers from 15 towns.