Passive Recreation Areas Maintenance


Park & Tree maintains passive recreation areas for the health and well-being of the public and for the preservation of wildlife and the environment. All passive recreation and conservation areas in the Town are included in this subprogram. There are 642 acres of passive recreation areas including:

• 18 Parks (Central Park, Church Park, Clock Tower / Elm Park, Fuller Brook Park, Kelly Memorial Park, MacKinnon Park, Morton Park, Ollie Turner Park, Overbrook Parks East & West, Peabody Parks North & South, Post Office Park, Sawyer Park, Shaw Commons, Simmons Park, Town Hall, Washington Park / Charles River and Yotz Field).

• 14 Conservation Areas (Abbotts Pond, Bebee Meadow, Boulder Brook, Carisbrooke, Centennial, Colburn Road, Devils Slide, Longfellow Pond, Morses Pond, Reeds Pond, Rockridge Pond, Rocky Ledges, Overbrook and the Town Forest).

• 10 municipal parking lots (Railroad Avenue, Cameron Street, Waban Street, Eaton Court, River Street, Lower Falls, Farms Railroad Station, Hills Railroad Station, Tailby, and Noanet).

• The grounds for the Police Station and 3 Public Libraries (Wellesley Sq., Fells, and Hills).

• 5.6 miles of the Cochituate Aqueduct Trail.

• 75 Traffic Islands at 58 locations throughout the Town.

• Harvesting of Invasive Aquatic Weeds at Longfellow, Rockridge, and Morse Ponds.

• 2 Community Gardens (Brookside & Weston Road).