Applying for Funding


Proposals for Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding must be submitted using the provided application forms.

Short Form Preliminary Application

Applicants should first submit a Short Form Preliminary Application both to assure that a project will be eligible for CPA funding and as a way of permitting the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) to provide early guidance on a proposed project before a full application is presented. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact the CPC to discuss informally any aspect of their proposal before submitting any application.

All relevant information requested on each application form must be included with the proposal. Short Form Preliminary Applications should be submitted as soon as practical. Applications can be submitted at any time, but primary consideration will be given to those applications where the Short Form Preliminary Application is received by November 1st.

Full Application

Once the Short Form Preliminary Application is received, the CPC will work with the applicant to define and analyze the project and to facilitate the submission of the Full Application. This will generally be required within 45 to 60 days after submission of the Preliminary Application.


Applications must be typewritten. 10 copies of the application and all supporting documentation must be submitted to the Community Preservation Committee. An electronic version of each application must also be emailed to the CPC.

Additional Information

For further information about the application process, contact the current chair or any member of the CPC.

Review by the Community Preservation Committee

Each Short Form Preliminary Application will be acknowledged when it is received. It will be reviewed for completeness and the applicant will be contacted by a representative of the CPC. At an appropriate stage, the proponent(s) will be given an opportunity to present the scope and details of the project to the CPC. The CPC will decide as early as feasible whether the project for which funds are requested is likely eligible for CPA funding.

From time to time the CPC will schedule public hearings to discuss its work, to review proposals under consideration and to receive comments from the citizens of Wellesley. In addition, there is an opportunity for citizens to speak as a part of the agenda of each CPC meeting.

Funding Decisions

The CPC will submit its recommendations for the use of CPA funds to the Advisory Committee and other relevant Town Boards. All CPA funding is ultimately subject to approval by Town Meeting.

Short Form Preliminary Application

The Online Short Form Preliminary Application must be used by a prospective applicant in order to receive a preliminary determination from the CPC as to a proposal's eligibility for CPA funding. The proponent(s) should adapt the Form to best convey relevant information which will aid the CPC in making a determination of eligibility, including the attachment of additional information sheets where necessary. Please note that by State Statute, the Town may expend Community Preservation Act funds to:
  • Acquire, create, and preserve open space.
  • Acquire, preserve, rehabilitate and restore historic resources.
  • Acquire, create and preserve land for recreational use.
  • Acquire, create, preserve and support community housing, including provide funds for the community's affordable housing trust fund.
  • Rehabilitate and restore open space, land for recreational use and community housing acquired or created with fund monies.