Permanent Building Committee


The Permanent Building Committee is responsible for estimating, designing, and constructing town projects costing over $500,000. Initially, it gauges whether the funds sought for a project match that of the scope and financial requirements of the project. The Committee remains fully involved in all phases of the design process, overseeing schematic, developmental, and construction document design periods. Together, the Committee and the project proponents collaborate to approve final plans in order to begin the construction process. During the construction stage, the Committee works to effectively oversee the progress of work, approve changes to the project, and to review budget reconciliation, ultimately ensuring the desired project is delivered on time and within budget.


Name Term Expires
Michael Tauer, Chair 2025
Thomas Goemaat, Vice Chair 2025
Jose Soliva 2023
Suzanne  Littlefield 2025
Matt King 2024


The Permanent Building Committee consists of five residents appointed by the Moderator. At all times the Committee includes an attorney, an architect, an engineer, and an individual who is primarily engaged in the construction business.

No such member shall be an officer, official, a board member, or paid employee of the Town, except that a member of the Committee may be a Town Meeting Member.

In the case of a schoolhouse project, the School Committee shall appoint one of its members to the Permanent Building Committee. This temporary position will be referred to as the School Committee Member, in which said member will enjoy the right to vote and participate fully in the activities of the Committee concerning that project.


Since 1986, the Permanent Building Committee has supervised the completion of over 30 major projects totaling over $300,000,000. These projects have taken the form of renovations, additions, upgrades, repairs, and new construction. The participation of the Committee has resulted in the execution of high-quality and long lasting projects that are built to a 50-year standard. Today, the Committee remains fully engaged with several major projects, and continues to act as a liaison and resource between proposing boards and the Town.


The Permanent Building Committee meets the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30pm in the Town Hall.