Wellesley Town Hall Interior Renovation

Wellesley Town Hall is undergoing a planned 18-month interior renovation that will provide modern, functional space for Town offices while preserving and maintaining the historical and architectural character of this iconic 140-year old landmark. 

The building was designed by the firm of Shaw and Hunnewell and was a gift to the community from Town benefactor Horatio Hollis Hunnewell. The east section, originally built as a library, was completed in 1883, and the west wing was added in 1885 to house town offices and meeting areas.

 In the 1960's following the construction of the original Wellesley Free Library building across Washington Street, Town Hall was remodeled to convert the library section to offices and to update the building systems. Another full-scale renovation took place in 1984 to better utilize the interior space, improve energy efficiency, and provide accessibility for all. Some of these past alterations covered up significant architectural features including fireplaces, wooden columns, arched ceilings, and entry areas. 

The current interior renovation project will restore as many of those features as possible, improve accessibility, safety, and technology in the building and return Wellesley Town Hall to its full grandeur. 

Watch the slide show below for a glimpse inside this project as it progresses!

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Project Documents