Board of Public Works


Name Title
Scott Bender Chair
Ellen Korpi Vice Chair
Jeffrey Wechsler Secretary 

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Board of Public Works, acting through the Director and Managers of the Department of Public Works, to provide the following services to the Town in a cost effective, accountable, responsive, safe and efficient manner, according to generally accepted municipal standards and with a dedication to excellence:

  • Engineering and technical services required to plan, coordinate, develop, construct, operate and maintain Town Facilities
  • Highway services required to construct, operate and maintain roads, sidewalks and drainage systems
  • Services and facilities required to preserve, develop, operate and maintain public parks, recreation areas, trees and open space, according to general policies established by the Natural Resources Commissioners
  • Services and facilities required to operate and maintain a recycling, refuse management, and transfer facility
  • Services and facilities required to construct operate and maintain the Town's water and sewer systems, and to collect fees from users sufficient to recover costs and maintain a prudent balance sheet
  • Management services required to plan, organize, monitor and control the operations of the various programs identified above in a prudent financial manner and subject to identified performance objectives; and such other specific functions that may be assigned to the DPW in the course of events.