Parking Lots & Rates

The 3 maps below show metered on-street parking in each of Wellesley's three major business districts. These spaces are available at the rate of 5¢ for 5 minutes, 10¢ for 10 minutes, 25¢ for 30 minutes, and 50¢ for a full hour.


Off Street Parking

In addition to these on-street spaces, off-street parking is also available in Wellesley's Commuter and Business lots. These lots offer a variety of 2-hour, 4-hour, 10-hour, and all day spaces to meet your specific needs. Annual passes for all day lots may be purchased from the Office of the Town Treasurer and Parking Clerk. Residents are entitled to annual passes at a discounted rate. 

Commuter Lots

Commuter Parking Symbol

Business Lots

Business Parking Symbol