About Wellesley Emergency Alerts

To sign up for Wellesley Police Department Emergency Alerts, click HERE

The Wellesley Police Department utilizes text messages, emails, and voice (phone) calls to communicate with the public.  The messages that we send can be both of an emergency and non emergency nature.  Generally, the Wellesley Police Department sends a majority of our notifications via text and email messages.  

We avoid sending out voice messages (sometimes referred to as ’Reverse 9-1-1- systems)  to home and cellular phones in Wellesley unless there is a significant event of a serious nature.  The voice messages that we do send out can either be a human voice, or a ’robo’ type voice call.  When time permits, we will generally utilize a human voice for our messages.

In 2019, the Wellesley Police Department combined both the voice (phone) notification system and the text/email message into one streamlined system.  The new system is provided by Rave Mobile Safety.  If you had signed up with our old notification provider, your information was most likely carried over to the new provider.  

You can manage your text/email notifications by clicking here: https://www.smart911.com/smart911/registration/registrationLanding.action?cdnExternalPath

Although the department has most of the telephone numbers to homes and businesses in Wellesley,  you can also add your voice telephone number to your account to ensure you receive emergency alerts as well.

For help or assistance with the notifications or subscriptions, please email Detective Peter McLaughlin:  PMclaughlin@wellesleyma.gov

If you haven’t signed up for our Community Notification/Emergency Alert service, the listing below are the categories you can sign up for at this LINK HERE. 

We offer an extended description of the alerts here:

Community Alert NotificationsCommunity Alert Notifications include alerts of interest to the Wellesley Community.  The WPD is sometimes called upon by other town departments to make notifications regarding changes, cancellations, closures, or other last minute non-emergency information.  This is the category we use for those notifications.
Emergency Alert NotificationsEmergency Alert Notifications are sent when there is immediate threat to life and / or property in your monitored area. Examples Include; Active Shooter, Emergency Evacuations/Shelter in Place, and Other Public Safety Emergencies.
Power / Utility AlertsThis alert category will keep citizens updated on estimated time of repair, and keep emergency lines free for calls.  Typically, this information is provided by WMLP during power outages to keep the public informed.
Sex Offender InformationAny updates that are posted on our website concerning updates on known sex offenders, or announcements regarding convicted sex offenders living or working in Wellesley.
Traffic Alerts / UpdatesTraffic issues that are expected to significantly effect traffic for 30 or more minutes, or major delays expected in the future due to a planned project.  (Wellesley Parade, Boston Marathon, road repaving work, etc).
Weather AlertsWhen a significant weather warning is issued by the National Weather Service, The Wellesley Police Department will rebroadcast to ensure that you receive it.  (We put out major weather incidents only.)
Wellesley Crime AlertsSignificant and serious crimes that occur in Wellesley. This category can include anything from home break-ins to bank robberies. A must have category if you want to know about crime incidents in Wellesley.
Wellesley EventsEvent Notifications are sent in relation to town-wide events. Examples include; notices regarding the Boston Marathon, Wellesley community events, etc.
Wellesley School CancellationsWhen the Wellesley Public Schools are canceled due to poor weather or unforeseen circumstances, find out directly with an alert from the Wellesley Police Department.