Boston Marathon

The Town of Wellesley receives a limited number of invitational entries each year from the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) in support of the Boston Marathon. These invitational entries are distributed to Wellesley Public Safety officers, War Memorial Scholarship runners and local charities beginning in the fall preceding that year's Boston Marathon based on guidelines established by the Board of Selectmen. 

Local charitable organizations wishing to be considered for Boston Marathon invitational entries must complete the application for that year according to the timeline established in the Board of Selectmen guidelines. 

Individual runners seeking an invitational entry should either: (a) encourage a charity of their choice to submit an invitational entry application; or (b) submit their name and contact information to the Selectmen's Office indicating interest in running and fundraising for the War Memorial Scholarship.  

Invitational entries will be awarded by a vote of the Board of Selectmen to qualified charities and individual runners by the first Monday in January for that year's Boston Marathon.