Human Resources Board


Name Term Expires
Julie Moore, Chair 6/30/2026
Pam Cozza 6/30/2024
Alice Kokodis 6/30/2024
Mark Furlow 6/30/2025
Anthony Bent 6/30/2026


The Human Resources Board consists of five residents appointed by the Moderator. No member may be a member of another board, or an officer, official or paid employee of the Town, except that a Town Meeting Member may be a member of the Board. The term of office is three years commencing on July 1.

Responsibilities & Oversight

The Board appoints a Human Resources Director and such staff, as it deems necessary. The Board oversees the Human Resources Director and staff in administering the Classification and Salary Plans and establishing policies and procedures consistent with those Plans. The Board reviews the work of all positions subject to the Classification Plan and makes appropriate changes. The Board also reviews the Salary Plan and keeps informed as to pay rates and policies outside the service of the Town and recommends to the Town any action that it deems desirable to maintain a fair and equitable pay level.

The Board oversees recruitment for positions in the Classification Plan and maintains records as are necessary to comply with fair employment practice laws and rules of appropriate regulatory agencies. The Board recommends personnel policies and procedures to all boards, officers and officials relating to their employment and advises all boards, officers and officials as to compliance with applicable fair employment practice laws and other applicable state and federal laws and regulations. The Board also acts as the collective bargaining agent for the School Committee when so directed by that Committee, or for any other boards when so directed by the Selectmen.