Housing Development Corporation


Name Title
Micah O'Neil Co-Chair
Robert A. Goldkamp Co-Chair
Holly Grace Secretary
Michael Nilles Treasurer
Marjorie Freiman  

Mission Statement

The Wellesley Housing Development Corporation's mission is to sponsor and assist in the development of affordable housing opportunities for persons of low and moderate income in the Town of Wellesley, Massachusetts in order to implement the Town's Affordable Housing Policy.

Town of Wellesley Affordable Housing Policy

"Wellesley is an outstandingly attractive residential community, enriched by the diversity of its residents. Wellesley seeks to maintain and enhance its present character by preserving a mix of housing stock that includes low income, moderate income and market rate housing."

In establishing this Affordable Housing Policy, Wellesley seeks to control its own growth and development. Affordable Housing is housing which, under the guidelines and regulations promulgated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 40B, is defined as low or moderate income housing, or housing which may otherwise be determined by vote of Wellesley Town Meeting to be affordable housing.

Criteria for the Development of Affordable Housing

1. The predominantly single-family residential character of Wellesley shall be preserved.

2. Urban-scale projects are to be avoided.

3. Preferences shall be given to projects where 100% of the units satisfy Town housing goals, however, the Town recognized the potential necessity of including mixed income housing in order to ensure a development's overall economic viability.

4. Any affordable housing shall, to the maximum extent possible, remain affordable in perpetuity.

5. Insofar as it is legal, Wellesley residents shall be given priority in the marketing of affordable housing units.

6. Preservation of open space and protection of natural resources shall be important considerations in the Town's land use planning.

7. Development of affordable housing should not overburden existing utility systems or other public facilities that serve the Town, including services, streets, the public water supply and sewers to a greater extent than would any other development.

8. Wellesley's Fair Housing Policy shall be respected.

Wellesley's Affordable Housing Policy was adopted by the 1989 Town Meeting under Article 31, and amended by the 1997 Town Meeting under Article 42.