Workers' Compensation

  1. General Info
  2. Medical Care
  3. Employee Obligations
  4. Supervisor Obligations
  5. Reports & Follow Up
  6. Lost Work Time
  7. Compensation Eligibility
  8. Employee Benefits
  9. Modified Duty

Workers' Compensation provides medical benefits, and in some cases, income benefits to employees who sustain a work-related injury or illness when that employee is disabled from performing his or her job.

​The Town of Wellesley is self-insured for Workers’ Compensation, which means that all Workers’ Compensation payments are paid by the Town, not by an insurance company.

All work place incidents which involve physical injury or illness, no matter how minor, are to be reported by the employee (in person, if able) to his/her supervisor immediately after the incident occurs. Incidents should be reported even if no medical care is required.

​ It is the policy of the Town of Wellesley that all work related injuries and illnesses receive prompt and appropriate medical attention, and all incidents are investigated to reduce hazards in the workplace.