Almira N. Simons Fund

The Almira N. Simons Fund is a private fund for Wellesley residents that provides financial assistance to persons aged 60 and over who are in need.  Home repair, adaptive equipment, medical bills, and limited home care are just a few examples of the kinds of things with which the fund can help.

Any senior who believes they are in need of assistance should contact the Wellesley COA Health and Social Services Administrator (Outreach Worker) and together, they will complete the Simons Fund application. The senior’s financial situation must be fully described and the request clearly stated.  Should the request be for home repair or other larger amounts of funding, the applicant will be informed if two cost estimates, from different companies, are required.  The completed application is forwarded to The Friends of Wellesley Council on Aging as this organization is responsible for making a determination as to whether the senior is eligible for assistance and how much assistance will be given. 

For approved applications, the company from which the senior is to receive service must agree to bill the senior for the service.  The invoice must be in the senior’s name.  The Almira Simons Fund must not be listed as the designated payee on any invoice.  The invoice, in the senior’s name, must be forwarded to the Friends of Wellesley Council on Aging for payment.  Invoices will be paid directly to the vendor of the product or service.

The Simons Fund is intended to provide one-time-only assistance for bills, home repairs, etc.  If home care is being provided through the Simons Fund, it should be for a limited amount of time.  The amount of time will be designated prior to funding approval.

For additional information, please contact Kate Burnham, Health & Social Services Administrator, at 781-235-3961 or