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1. What restrictions are in place in Wellesley to slow the spread of Coronavirus?
2. What is the risk level in Wellesley for COVID-19?
3. What personal precautions are recommended?
4. What is the timeline for COVID-19 vaccinations in Wellesley?
5. I have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19. Do I still need to take precautions?
6. The Governor and the CDC continue to recommend that people wear masks when they go out. Can you provide specific examples of when to wear them, and the correct way they should fit?
7. How frequently should masks/face coverings be replaced or washed?
8. How are our public schools and buildings being cleaned?
9. What should individuals do if they are experiencing symptoms (i.e. fever, cough)?
10. Can someone be infected with COVID-19 and have such a mild case that they are unaware of the infection or think that they just had a cold or influenza?
11. What is recommended for people who may have come in contact with family members of a person diagnosed with COVID-19?
12. Is Wellesley College and/or Lake Waban open to town residents?