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  1. Town of Wellesley Volunteer Form
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  3. Wellesley’s Town Government relies heavily on volunteers -- those who are recruited, those who are recommended, and those who offer their own services. The appointment of members to various special committees and boards is the responsibility of the Town Moderator and several elected boards. This form will help those making appointments identify individuals who are willing to serve.

  4. For information on the activities and responsibilities of various boards and committees visit the Town’s website ( under Boards and Committees, or contact a member of a board or committee in which you are interested. Additional information is in the Town Annual Report, available on the website, the Town Clerk’s office, and the Wellesley Free Library.
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  6. Describe any background, education, training, or special interest (work and/or life experience, hobby) that might be useful in matching you with a volunteer opportunity. 

  7. Please upload a current resume or cv, if available. 

  8. Please describe any local government or community experience you have had in Wellesley or elsewhere.
  9. Are you currently serving on any Town boards, committees, or community organizations/groups? Please list. 

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