How does Wellesley’s Fee Compare to other Towns?

Wellesley’s fee is in the upper range of stormwater fees in Massachusetts. This is because Wellesley made the policy decision to fully fund the stormwater program with the Enterprise Fund, including administrative and overhead costs. Many towns only fund compliance program costs. Additionally, Wellesley is in the Charles River Watershed and is subject to more stringent requirements to reach phosphorus reduction targets.

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1. Why is Wellesley considering a Stormwater Utility?
2. What will be funded by the Stormwater Utility? What are the benefits?
3. What is impervious area?
4. How is impervious area calculated and maintained?
5. How are fees determined?
6. How does Wellesley’s Fee Compare to other Towns?
7. Does this impact other enterprise funds?
8. How frequently will bills be issued?
9. How are leased properties billed?
10. How are condominiums and town houses billed?
11. How can a property owner reduce their stormwater fee?