How is impervious area calculated and maintained?

The Town maintains IA mapping in our Geographic Information System (GIS). The Wellesley IA data is updated  approximately every five years based on new aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR3. The DPW Engineering Division will routinely update the IA layer data. You can explore impervious area measurements for FY23 billing using the Stormwater Property Viewer  on our website.

3 Lidar — Light Detection and Ranging — is a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the Earth.

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1. Why is Wellesley considering a Stormwater Utility?
2. What will be funded by the Stormwater Utility? What are the benefits?
3. What is impervious area?
4. How is impervious area calculated and maintained?
5. How are fees determined?
6. How does Wellesley’s Fee Compare to other Towns?
7. Does this impact other enterprise funds?
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10. How are condominiums and town houses billed?
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