How long are the trails?

The shortest trail, the Rockridge Pond Trail, is 0.4 miles long and is a pleasant walk around the edge of this scenic pond.  Our longest trail, the Crosstown Trail, is 6.2 miles long and runs along the Cochituate Aqueduct from the east to the west side of town.

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1. What are the easiest trails to walk?
2. Which are good family trails?
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5. How can highly-developed Wellesley have an extensive trails network?
6. Where are the trails located?
7. How long are the trails?
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9. Can I take my dog?
10. Can I ride my bike along the trails?
11. Where are good trails to cross-country ski?
12. How do I report trail problems?
13. How do I find out more about the Wellesley Trails Committee?