How do I become a member of the COA?

Anyone over the age of 60 is welcome to participate in COA programs and utilize our services. There is no membership fee to “join”. While both Wellesley residents and non-residents are eligible to take part in our programs, we offer priority registration to Wellesley residents. We invite first time users to call or visit the COA to register your information and receive a tour. We will then issue you a key tag and you will be ready to begin enjoying the many benefits and resources available to you as part of the Wellesley COA community.

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1. Where is the COA located?
2. What are the COA hours of operation?
3. What transportation services are available to Wellesley seniors?
4. What types of programming do you offer?
5. How do I become a member of the COA?
6. How can I find out about services that may be available for my parent(s)/relative/neighbor?
7. How can I volunteer?
8. Do you offer a meal program?