Wellesley Square Wayfinding and Branding Project

Wayfinding Banner for Website

The Town of Wellesley has been awarded an FY2016 Massachusetts Downtown Initiative (“MDI”) Technical Assistance grant, which provides up to $10,000 worth of consultant services to assist with the development of a wayfinding plan for Wellesley Square. The overall goal of the Wayfinding and Branding Project is to “ensure the continued vibrancy and long-term vitality of Wellesley Square, its tenants, and its property owners for the benefit and enjoyment of the Town, its residents, and visitors.” The ability to attract more visitors, students, retailers, restaurants, and business opportunities to Wellesley Square will expand sales and create jobs while maintaining the village character. It is believed that development of a unifying brand and comprehensive wayfinding signage program will further these positive outcomes.

This grant has awarded the Town the opportunity to utilize a professional consultant for the development of a professionally designed brand, the establishment of realistic cost estimates, and the creation of a strategic plan for the location and installation of wayfinding signage based on best practices. It is expected that consultant assistance with the above will bring professional and knowledgeable experience to the project, resulting in improved placemaking, visitor orientation, and overall economic development benefits.

The Town has been assigned Mark Favermann of Favermann Design as our consultant for the project. You can see some examples of his past wayfinding and branding projects here: https://www.favermanndesign.com

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