Smart Outdoor/Field Lighting

Update on Wellesley’s New Streetlights!

Wellesley replaced nearly all of the Town's 3000 streetlights! The NRC has long been concerned about the effects of light pollution on our health, safety, environment and wildlife, and is pleased to see more environmentally and character friendly lighting.   See a video outlining the project here

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Learn more about what to look for in outdoor lighting. Watch this video from the NRC-sponsored workshop with Bob Parks of the Smart Outdoor Lighting Alliance.  

Bright Ideas workshop image

Playing Field Lighting 

Read the NRC consultant report on replacement Lighting at Warren Field and the Hunnewell Tennis Courts, and proposed lighting at Hunnewell Track and Field here

Bob Parks attends NRC meeting Watch

Slide Presentation

Find other useful information below:

Lighting Plans

-Warren Field and Hunnewell Tennis Courts 

-Hunnewell Track and Field

Tabular Summary

Cost of Operation (provided by Vendor)

-Warren Field

-Tennis Courts

-Reidy Field

-Hunnewell Track and Field

Estimate for Pole Relocation at Warren


Existing Metal Halide Bulbs

Proposed Fixtures

Other Information


Referenced Articles