Special Police

The Wellesley Special Police is an organization that dates back to the very beginning of the Wellesley Police Department and designed to assist the Department. Wellesley Special Police Officers volunteer their time two weekend nights a month in patrol.

Special Police Officer helping with a running event


Their primary duties include regular patrol, with a focus on checking schools, town buildings, parking lots, and public parks. Special Police Officers wear a dark blue uniform, with a similar patch.

Special Police officers also respond to assist officers on calls for service during their tour of duty and are an invaluable resource to the town. Special Police officers have full police powers, and complete a Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Council “Reserve Intermittent” Police Academy prior to being appointed. Special Police Officers train once a month, and are held to the same qualification standards as the Wellesley Police Officers. Several members are also Emergency Medical Technicians certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Additional Volunteer Activities

Wellesley Special Police Officers also volunteer their time during the annual running of the Boston Marathon, the Wellesley Parade and Fireworks, and the Wellesley High School All Night Party.

Wellesley Special Police Officers are highly motivated, experienced, well trained and dedicated individuals who have a strong interest in Law Enforcement. They contribute countless volunteer hours to the department and make a significant contribution to the Wellesley Police Department and to the Town of Wellesley.

Group of Special Police Officers

Left to Right: Alex Lukianov, Jack London, Mike Burke, Chuck Lawry, Lou Messina, and Robert Yeagle