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Wellesley, Massachusetts is a suburb of Boston, with approximately 28,000 residents, more than 2,700 dogs, 3,000 plus cats, as well as ferrets, rabbits, goats, horses, cows, sheep and reptiles.
Information on this page informs residents of their responsibilities as pet owners and educates the general public about the local wildlife. 

For specific questions, please contact Animal Control Officer Sue Webb at 781-235-8460.


For questions about rabies, animal diseases, or quarantines, please contact:

For questions about pet behavior / health, or to report animal cruelty, please contact:

Please report wildlife concerns to:

Dead animals Most small critters (squirrels, etc.) will usually be removed by crows, coyotes or other wildlife in less than a day. For small animals and birds, public health recommendations are: 

  • Birds - double bag and put in trash. 
  • Larger animals (skunks, raccoons, rabbits) - cover with lawn lime then with dirt to cut odor and decompose quickly. Residents may also contact a Problem Animal Control Officer who will dispose of animal for a fee.

Lost/Found Pets should be recorded in the stray book at the Wellesley Police Department, 781-235-1212.  Also check with the kennel 508-653-5020.

Low cost rabies clinics are held on certain Sundays at Petco Stores in Needham or Natick.  Call stores for times.