Procedure for filing plans for Residential

New Construction, Renovations, and Additions

  1. Please submit two (2) sets of plans for review.  On all new home construction, a site plan is also required.  Once the plan review has been done by the Fire Department, the contractor will be notified to pick up the plans to bring to the Building Department.  Plans may be dropped off or picked up between the hours of 9-12 am and 2-5 pm, Monday thru Friday
  2. There will be no fee for Fire Prevention Plan Review Fee for residential property. 
  3. Plans must be marked with the correct locations of smoke, carbon monoxide (CO'S within 10 feet from bedroom doors), and heat detectors (where required).  This is the responsibility of the applicant.  Consult with your electrician or fire alarm company for correct locations.  
  4. To avoid confusion and the need for additional and potentially costly electrical work, it is recommended that the entire house be shown on the plans.
  5. Any changes to the plans may necessitate the need for additional coverage.  Changes should be reviewed by the fire and building departments.
  6. The addition of bedrooms or extensive renovations requires the entire house be brought up to current code.
  7. The maximum amount of detectors that can be placed on a residential fire alarm circuit is eighteen(18).  NO MORE than 12 of these can be smoke detectors.
  8. A low-voltage system will be required in homes with greater than twelve (12 smoke detectors or eighteen (18) total devices.
  9. Homes that are larger than 14,400 square feet are required to be equipped with residential sprinkler systems. (Sprinkler plans will be required.)
  10. During the rough wiring phase, call the Wellesley Fire Department Prevention office at 781-235-1300 x-6229 to arrange for a preliminary inspection.
  11. When installation is complete, call the Wellesley Fire Prevention Office and arrange for a final inspection.  Someone familiar with the system MUST be present to perform the test at the time of inspection.  Know the code and how to reset it.
  12. A fee of $50 will be required for the issuance of a 26f certificate.