Hardy, Hunnewell, Upham Facilities Project

The Hardy, Hunnewell and Upham (HHU) elementary school facilities do not meet modern standards for education. The need for substantial renovation or replacement of each has been well documented. 

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The School Building Committee (SBC) was created and charged by the School Committee (SC) and the Board of Selectmen (BOS) to conduct, subject to guidance and approval by both elected boards, the feasibility process for two new or renovated elementary schools:

  • Hunnewell Feasibility Study is under way in a Town-funded process  following an appropriation by Special Town Meeting in June 2018 for a feasibility study. Read more...
  • Hardy/Upham Feasibility Study will be conducted in an expected funding partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA). An October 2018 Special Town Meeting appropriated funds for a feasibility study of a preferred solution at one site. Read more...
  • Based on the analysis and recommendations detailed in the Report of the HHU Master Plan Committee (MPC) it is the position of the School Committee that, in light of declining elementary enrollment, a third school should be rebuilt if K-5 elementary enrollment exceeds 2,350 on a trending basis and/or the current school configurations are limiting educational needs.  

Pursuant to its charge The SBC’s foremost priority shall be facilities that best serve the elementary students of Wellesley by meeting their educational programming needs in the most fiscally responsible manner.

Give Input!

The School Building Committee is asking for input and feedback from all Town of Wellesley boards, broad constituencies and interested residents to help build consensus around this project. Please subscribe to receive updates and information on how to participate. Email us with questions and suggestions, and watch us on-demand on the Wellesley Media Government Channel.