Dogs in Wellesley


The town of Wellesley is a dog-friendly community. All dogs must be licensed through the Office of the Town Clerk. Dogs are welcome in parks, conservation land, and town trails from dawn until dusk, unless specifically posted otherwise. 

Dogs are subject to Wellesley Town Bylaw Article 47. Wellesley's leash law is included in this bylaw and requires that: 

When not on the private property of its owner or keeper, or on private property with express permission of that property’s owner, a dog shall be on a leash of not more than seven (7) feet. 

Click these links for more Information, including park specific rules:

-Licenses and Registration

-Bylaws and Regulations

Owners must pick up after their dogs and properly dispose of any waste. While biodegradable dog waste bags are provided by the Wellesley Trails Committee at some parks and conservation areas, owners are also encouraged to carry their own supply.