Wellesley-based organizations are permitted to display a banner over the Recycling and Disposal Facility (RDF) access road advertising events. Permits are granted on a first-come, first-served basis and may be requested up to seven months in advance. A certificate of insurance must accompany the permit application.

Banner permits are granted for one week, with priority given to:

  • Town boards, committees and officers for official Town business;
  • Town departments sponsoring community events;
  • Wellesley-based non-profit organizations and churches; and
  • All other non-commercial applicants, NOT organized for profit, private interest or political groups.

For safety reasons only one banner may be displayed at a time. Banners are hung by the Wellesley Municipal Light Plant (WMLP) in a timely manner as weather permits.

Banners must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Be no larger than 3 feet in height and 20 feet in length;
  • Be made of a durable material capable of sustaining the elements (19 oz. banner material suggested), have reinforced grommets with an inside dimension of ½” every 2 feet along top and bottom edges, and have wind slits.

Contact WMLP at 781-235-7600 x3373 with questions related to banner construction.

Banners must be delivered to the WMLP at 2 Municipal Way, along with a copy of the permit, at least one (1) week prior to hanging date, and must be picked up from the WMLP no later than one (1) week after the permit expiration date. The Town and WMLP is not responsible for banners left after one week. 

Please clearly mark banners with the organization name and dates to be hung.