Fees and Submittal Calendars

Planning Department Fee Schedule

This fee schedule includes fees for applications to the Planning Board, Design Review Board, Historical Commission, Historic District Commission, and Denton Road Neighborhood Conservation District Commission.

Meeting and Submittal Calendars by Board or Commission

Note: The Denton Road Neighborhood Conservation District Commission and the Fair Housing Commission do not have a fixed meeting calendar and therefore do not have a set submittal calendar. For these boards, please submit complete applications to the Planning Department, and a meeting will be scheduled accordingly.

For all other boards or commissions staffed by the Planning Department, see calendars listed below.

  • Large House Review
  • Projects of Significant Impact
  • Approval Not Required Plans
  • Review of Adequacy
  • Subdivisions
  • Special Permits for Lower Falls Village Commercial District and Residential Incentive Overlay District
  • Signs
  • Design Review for Projects of Significant Impact, Major Construction Project, Minor Construction Projects, Antennas, and Retaining Walls.
  • Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Certificate of Hardship
  • Certificate of Non-Applicability
  • Eligibility Notice
  • Preservation Determination
  • Waiver